9 Things You Should Know About Virtual Events

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Since the pandemic hit, Castle has helped many clients—old and new—pivot their scheduled live events to virtual. As we look to fall/winter 2020, 2021 and beyond, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. If you’re thinking about your next meeting or conference, corporate incentive program, milestone anniversary or holiday celebration, here are nine things our events team thinks you should know about virtual events—before you book your event date.

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Did you know virtual event platforms range from $2,500 to $100,000+?

Many of your live event budget expenses will go away—venue, travel, accommodations, food and beverage—but hold tight. You’ll need to reallocate some of those dollars to platform costs, production and content creation.

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Did you know a virtual event can mean more value for your sponsors?

Meaningful connections, knowledge-sharing and promotional opportunities abound online. From signage and shout-outs to virtual swag, you can amp up your sponsor benefits with the right platform and engagement strategy. Check out the webinar I recently co-presented on the subject.

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Did you know there are no one-size-fits-all virtual platforms?

There are hundreds of virtual platforms to consider—and finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Download Castle’s Virtual Event Starter Kit to guide you through the platform selection process.

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Did you know virtual events can still take months to plan?

There’s a misconception that virtual events are easy to host and execute. A lot of strategy, pre-planning and logistics go into curating—and optimizing—a rewarding virtual event experience.

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Did you know virtual event platforms book-up like live event venues?

Virtual event platform companies schedule events around their bandwidth, required lead time and available technical support. Plan ahead to secure your optimal event date and time.

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Did you know virtual events require way more pre-event content collection?

No more on-the-fly speaker presentations or last-minute content creation. Build extra time into your project timeline to collect content, upload and test before going live.

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Did you know it’s better to rethink—not repurpose—your event program in a virtual world?

Don’t force your live event agenda into the virtual realm. Take the time to transform it using a virtual lens. Yes, start from scratch—you’ll be glad you did!

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Did you know that virtual networking can be fun—and targeted?

It’s possible to cultivate a rewarding networking experience in a virtual environment. A lot rides on the platform’s capabilities—and a well thought out audience engagement plan.

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Did you know that a virtual event can expand your audience?

Travel time is no longer a barrier for those who want to attend your virtual event—but the computer screen is. Read my recent blog for tips on how to keep your audience engaged before, during and after your virtual event.

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The Castle Group, Chief Marketing Officer, Deborah Spencer
Written By: Deborah Spencer


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