Public Affairs

Public affairs strategy can make or break a business or policy initiative. And when navigating the complex terrain of government and stakeholders, it’s critical to have deep experience and extensive relationships on your side.

Castle’s public affairs experts are known for creativity, relationship building, and strategy development, bringing a wealth of experience from government, public policy, and corporate communications to serve Castle clients. Our team has held senior roles at the State House, City Hall, and public agencies, as well some of our state’s most visible corporations. We are a nimble, results-driven team adept at working with diverse audiences in constantly evolving environments.

We deliver positive outcomes for our clients through our expert communication skills on all platforms and the insider knowledge of politics and policy that only experience can bring.

Messaging and strategic communications development

We help you identify your goals, objectives, and value proposition so that together we can craft strategic and compelling messaging that will engage your stakeholders, speak to your brand, and separate you from your competitors. From there, we build an communications strategy that can draw from our public relations and digital media tactics to cut through the noise and  position you to move the needle of public opinion, drive industry change and meet your business objectives.

Strategies and support:

Thought leadership and speech writing

Insightful thought leadership provides powerful differentiation for leaders and their companies. Our team has extensive experience in thought leadership planning and execution for clients across industries, audiences, and platforms. By incorporating the right mix of tools – including op-eds, speaking engagements, or award submissions – we identify how to leverage and grow your visibility to broaden your audience, reach influential decision makers, and position you and your organization as experts.

Public speaking comes natural to some people, and others shudder just at the thought. No matter if you’re looking to deliver a keynote speech at an industry conference or deliver public testimony on a policy that impact your business objectives, there is an art to crafting your authentic voice. Our experts have deep experience working closely with elected officials, CEOs, and up-and-coming leaders to hone their voice and tone to deliver their messages in a clear and concise manner, while building trust with an audience. Powerful, persuasive, and enduring speeches require thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and artful storytelling. Our process and writing will help you capture people’s attention and their emotions.

Reputation and issues management

Reputations take years to build and minutes to crumble. In a climate where business and industry goals are evolving with or reacting to legislative, social, and consumer changes, we help develop and execute proactive brand and value-based strategies, as well as protect against external threats. Built into a strategic communications plan, these tactics can include building relationships with influential public leaders, engaging with relevant advocacy organizations, or identifying thought leadership opportunities to get in front of the right decision makers. We also have the benefit of quickly bringing in our expert crisis communications colleagues if the need arises.

Media relations and outreach

As one of the most trusted media relations firms in Boston, we understand what the media needs and when they need it. However, as part of a strategic communication planning exercise, our experts will build a nimble, thoughtful plan that meets your goals and enhances your message. We will guide you on when and how to be proactive; key media relationships to build in the ever-changing media landscape; what trends and timely stories would be beneficial to weigh in on or steer clear of; and how to leverage organizational, industry, or local milestones to your advantage. We will measure and keep you informed of your impact, so we can be quick to adjust priorities or focus.

Stakeholder management and community relations

Mapping, management, and communications

Knowing who is impacted by your objectives, and who can impact them, is a critical step in successfully communicating your value and goals. By working with us to map your current sphere of influence, we can help identify supporters to strengthen relationships and grow your network, potential opportunities to establish new contacts, and pinpoint potential threats. 

By bringing our combined campaign and public policy communications experience, we can help build, manage, and strengthen aligned organizations and enhance messaging around important issues and public policy that impact you.

Relationship marketing

“All politics is local” is engrained early on into the ethos of every politically engaged person or policy-minded individual thanks to the legendary Speaker O’Neill. But at Castle, that mindset is applied beyond politics — and Boston for that matter — and is something we make top of mind to all clients, no matter industry, size, or mission. We understand the importance of growing your networks, building new relationships, and getting your message and objectives in front of decision makers and new audiences means for supporting your employees, market position, and future growth opportunities. Not only do we bring a broad, dynamic mix of relationships that cut across industries and geographies, but also have the experience to help form public-private partnerships, establish and grow CSR programs, and increase your organizations’ and leaders’ visibility in important circles.   

Policy advocacy and government relations

All government, from City Hall to the halls of Congress, can be daunting and intimidating if you don’t know where to go, who to talk to, or how it all functions. Luckily, our team brings decades of experience working within and navigating levels of government. With that knowledge, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest legislation moving through committees, understand how working with government can unlock business growth opportunities, and can help educate you on the landscape and make introductions to key leaders.