Anniversary Campaigns

Is your company about to celebrate a 5-year, 25-year or even a 200th anniversary? A milestone anniversary is a momentous occasion to celebrate—and a new opportunity to communicate and connect with your stakeholders.

For your customers, it’s a time to show gratitude for the relationships and their loyalty. For your prospects, it’s a time to get in front of them and talk about the great work you do. For your employees and other business partners, it’s a time to recognize the impact of your collective work and reflect on how you’ve built success together.

It’s a moment in time – one that needs to be planned for far in advance – to maximize impact. But your anniversary doesn’t need to be celebrated in one day. The recognition can unfold throughout the year to your internal and external audiences, across channels, in person and online.

Company Anniversary and Milestone Planning Process

Our experienced events and marketing team partners with clients to:

  • Identify a campaign strategy based on your unique company culture, goals and budget
  • Develop creative company anniversary theme ideas and supporting messages
  • Draft an integrated plan, to include: branding, events, social media, PR and video
  • Engage in-house campaign ambassadors
  • Create a kick-off strategy
  • Consider employee or customer recognition programs
  • Plan and execute events
  • Map out a timeframe, budget and deliverables
  • Integrate with other marketing initiatives

Do you have a milestone anniversary coming up? Are you ready to celebrate? Get in touch with us here.

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