Meetings & Conferences

Even in today’s digital world, nothing beats a live meeting or conference. The buzz in the room and face-to-face interaction is critical to audience engagement and information retention. Not to mention the opportunities to network and share new and exciting ideas.

How do you make your meeting memorable?

Small or large, user group conference or executive retreat, sales meeting or product launch, hands-on training or keynote session, how do you make your meeting memorable and convey the critical take-away that ensures your message lives on? As a top event planning company in Boston, with offices in Atlanta and Maui, we know how. Speakers, content, digital event promotion and marketing, on-site management — you know what you want to say; we’ll make your event a success. From concept to completion, our event management team ensures your meetings are thoroughly planned, leaving nothing to chance. With more than 140 years of combined event planning experience, including design, production and technical expertise, Castle produces exceptional programs that achieve your business goals and maximize your budget.

Whether it’s for 50 or 5,000 people, in a boardroom or a convention center for a corporate sales meeting or tradeshow; in Boston or across the globe for destination-based reward programming or executive leadership retreat; a customer/user group conference, or product/company launch; we manage every aspect and detail of your event.

A to Z, soup to nuts, start to finish, take-off to landing, concept to cleanup, our event planning team gets it done.

Smiling conference attendees wearing blue lanyards look up at a stage
CEO speaks on stage with a large screen behind her and the silhouette of the audience in front of her
Audience members in business attire standing and clapping
Custom registration set up for a conference in a hotel foyer with the company and conference logos on the front of each desk
Castle event team member checks in registered attendees on the OnArrival app on her iPad

Conferences and meetings

Conferences and meetings come in many forms, internal strategy meetings, international conventions, association meetings, educational conferences, medical meetings, just to name a few. Each program, whether it’s a day or a full week of programming, has its own unique set of objectives and specifications. At Castle, we dive deep into our clients’ expectations and desired results, making sure every aspect of the planning process is custom fit and in line with the end goal.

Customer meeting/user group conferences

Customer meetings and user group conferences are an incomparable way to gain valuable insight from your greatest asset – your customers. Through face-to-face contact, customers and businesses can learn from each another, share best practices and create lasting relationships. These events also present an opportunity for networking and prospecting, building brand awareness, communicating and training on new product features and generating excitement around upcoming product releases. Castle helps clients produce highly effective customer meetings, making sure to incorporate the right balance of education and fun for a memorable and enjoyable takeaway.

Employee training meetings

Employee training is critical to any successful business operation. From onboarding courses and continuing education, to technical skills and hands-on product training, Castle works with clients to develop customized event programs that incorporate the specific needs of the curriculum. Our job is to create the right environment and deliver the details to maximize the learning experience.

Product and company launches

It’s difficult for a new product or company to be successful if people haven’t heard about it! Through the medium of live events, Castle assists clients in launching new products, services and breaking new ground. Always starting with the clients’ objectives, we design unique event experiences – from full scale grand opening celebrations to interactive, multimedia events. Castle helps raise visibility and make a splash while ensuring all logistics are flawless. Our public relations team is also ready to assist in getting the message out via traditional media relations and/or social media channels.

Executive leadership/management retreats

Executive leadership/management retreats provide an opportunity for top minds of the business to connect with one another in an immersive environment without the day-to-day distractions of an office setting. Results include greater collaboration and communication among team members, a fresh approach to current roadblocks and creating a vision for moving forward. From exotic locales to locations around the corner, Castle is expert in creating exclusive, high-touch programs that make an impact.

Sales meetings

Whether held annually or quarterly, in small divisions or company-wide, sales meetings are an important tool to energize and engage teams, deliver new messages, share best practices, and provide training tools. With years of experience and first-hand know-how, Castle strategizes with our clients to build programs that make the best use of participants’ time away from the office.


Tradeshows and exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes and are a tried and true method for showcasing and discussing new products and services with customers and prospects. Many tradeshows incorporate workshops or presentations, one-on-one meetings and networking opportunities into the program. Castle supports our clients with various aspects of tradeshow planning including site selection, overall layout, exhibitor management and other show logistics.

Event Management