Maui, Hawaii: Finding Solutions in Sustainable Event Management

Last year, Maui, Hawaii welcomed nearly 3 million visitors to the island (for perspective, this is compared to approximately 155,000 residents) and it appears that the number will continue to rise, fueled in part by the increased number of flights and air carriers into the market (i.e. Southwest Airlines), additional international audiences, and a continued…

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Creating Impactful Events for Every Budget: How to Think Outside of the Box to Maximize Your Event Budget

At Castle, the event management team works with clients of all sizes to create memorable events that are planned to leave a lasting impact on attendees. As we begin to map out our 2020 programs, I am reminded that the planning process to every event begins with a discussion about expenses. Even the most extravagant…

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Five Things I Learned About Being a College Athlete That Helped Me Succeed in Event Planning

Moving from the soccer field to the office, I never expected the lessons I learned as a student athlete to apply to my internship. The skills that I developed on the field starting when I was first learning to play at age five or six have carried with me into my professional development in the…

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