Women-Owned Business

Castle is proud to be a certified women-owned business both locally and nationally by the Center for Women & Enterprise, the regional certifier for the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office.

Why is this important? Because the rigorous certification process is a “Good Housekeeping”-like seal of approval. It means that, in addition to being women-owned, we have created and sustained solid business practices and performance. Our certification allows us to work with public and private sector organizations who embrace the concept of supplier diversity. These organizations care about leveling the playing field for smaller businesses that are the engines of our economy. They recognize the power of our contributions. And they allow us to continue to grow, create jobs and contribute to our community. We’re proud to partner with them. It’s not just about the certification. It’s about the commitment.

An SDO certification expands the market opportunities of Minority Business Enterprises and Woman-Owned Business Enterprises by certifying their eligibility to participate in affirmative business opportunity programs throughout the state. Through the certification, the Supplier Diversity Office also re-affirms its commitment to enhancing the participation of minority and women-owned business in the public sector marketplace.

Castle proudly supports the City of Boston’s Women’s Workforce Council, a first-in-the-nation, public-private partnership to eliminate the gender-based wage gap.

Castle was one of the first companies to sign 100% Talent: The Boston Women’s Compact, an agreement with more than 200 area companies to better understand and work to close gaps in pay and representation.

By partnering with the Council, Castle is working to eliminate the gender-based wage gap, remove the visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement, and ensure that 100% of the talent pool is used to make Boston the best area in the country for working women.