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Addressing systemic racism demands much more than acknowledging the fight. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plans are not effective unless there is buy-in and belief throughout the company.

At Castle, we’ve evolved from feeling like we understand our role in DEI to recognizing there’s more that we can and should do. As we help many of our clients confront racism through words, deeds, and support, it is now time for Castle to go deeper in our own commitment to fight racism and support diversity.

As a small business, we vow to be an example for other small businesses and to our industry. We strive to lead by example and encourage others to be decisive, bold, and confident in using their platform to amplify voices, make important investments in DEI, and support inclusive skill development within their organization. We are proactively creating avenues to advance equity that will have lasting effects, through internal training, mentoring, financial support, hiring practices, vendor relations and more – embedding DEI into Castle’s core values.

At Castle:

  • We have created programs with UMass Amherst and Syracuse to recruit, support and identify diverse PR career candidates while adding more diversity to our firm and being fully committed to adding more diverse employees as we grow.
  • We mentor diverse smaller businesses.
  • We provide pro bono and discounted work to minority businesses, and we have created programs in partnership with area nonprofits to build teen awareness of careers in PR.
  • We proudly represent several mission-driven organizations that address racism and the lack of diversity in the workforce.
  • We prioritize diverse suppliers.
  • We have an active and engaged DEI committee and volunteer at nonprofits that have diversity, equity and inclusion missions.

We are proud of our commitment to combating racism. And yet we realize there is an opportunity for us to do much more.