The Castle Collage

One of the most moving moments in our otherwise largely humorous, “Thing” competition came when Keri presented her fabric- and phrase-splotched megaphone.

Keri has been an integral part of our team for an amazing 17 YEARS—having led events for us around the world and around the corner. She has developed team members and client relationships and most of all, epitomizes Castle Culture. She is family.

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The thing about the “Thing”

The “Thing.”

No, it isn’t the title of a scary movie. And no, it isn’t an unknown being that emerges from the swampy wetlands one cold night in October. (Though the thought of both produce far less anxiety than what the “Thing” actually is, particularly for a new employee like me).

So what is it then? Apparently the “Thing” is a holiday contest, one that dates back 20 years to the founding of The Castle Group, involving a random object that changes from year to year. Therefore to celebrate our 20th anniversary, Castle Spirit Week had to include an special edition of The “Thing”.

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The Work Wellness Benefits of Massage

During our Castle Spirit Week Wellness Day, we had the opportunity to sign up for a 10-minute chair massage from Melrose Massage. The benefits of massage therapy in the work environment are nothing new. Beginning in the 90’s, research revealed that incorporating massage therapy as a company benefit could reduce employee stress levels, and in turn decrease stress-related illnesses, minimize fatigue, and increase the productivity and alertness of employees—especially those who sit at a desk all day. Beyond the physical benefits, massage can boost employee morale and satisfaction in the workplace. At Castle we are lucky to have business owners who understand the ROI of just 10 minutes of each employee’s time. Not only did Spirit Week accomplish the task of celebrating 20 years as a company, small moments like the massage made us feel valued, and was a great reminder that success cannot happen without healthy and happy team members.

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Taking Happiness Into Your Own Hands: A Lesson from Nataly Kogan

If I get this promotion, I’ll be happier….If I meet Mr. Right, I’ll be happier….If I lose 15 pounds, I’ll be happier.

These are things that many of us tell ourselves on a fairly regular basis. We’re searching for happiness, and, in the process, are placing our happy hopes and dreams in the hands of others. The problem with this, according to Happier founder and CEO Nataly Kogan, is that true, lasting happiness comes from within.

Nataly spoke to the Castle team about happiness as part of our Spirit Week Wellness day and, since her presentation, I’ve been thinking about the coveted emotion in a new way.

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Castle Spirit Week

To commemorate Castle’s 20th anniversary on August 1, 2016, the Castle Culture Team created Spirit Week: a program blending fun, learning and bonding to recognize and reward the people who make our agency great every day—our team. Spirit Week focused on our agency’s latest corporate initiatives around wellness, team spirit, community service and celebration! Thinking…

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Women: Amplified

In the last 11 years as a member of the Castle team, I’ve developed in my career in numerous ways. This past year I had a new and exciting opportunity: the chance to amplify that growth through the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Leadership Program.

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Pitch a Tent for Your Next Event

Summer is here and the season for outdoor events is upon us. This means that tents may become part of the event plan – either as a weather contingency (for rain or sun cover), to create a more defined and/or comfortable outdoor environment or when indoor space is limited. But more than just a place to gather and feed guests, a tent and its various components can become an important part of the event design.

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Snapchatting the Millennial Generation: Tips & Tricks

The wildly popular photo messaging app, Snapchat, has become a staple to the millennial virtual communication sphere. Over the years, Snapchat developed from a simple photo messaging service to a multifaceted platform for text, video, photo, news sharing and now, advertising. Snapchat does what other social networking outlets cannot accomplish: offering a snapshot of “instant expression” of what is happening in the present, in real-time. Users can send personal messages or share a “story” with their followers.

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Guest Blog: How The Castle Group Amplified My Career

Develop, heighten, strengthen; beyond defining the word amplify, they are all words that represent my time at The Castle Group. Let me explain.

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Being a Best Place to Work in the Eyes of Employees

As an 11-year veteran of Castle, I was filled with pride at our recognition at the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work event. We came in 4th in the 20-49 employees category, no small feat in a town that boasts some of the most innovative startups in the country. (And, according to the awards presentation, a town that is also home to a high number of office foosball tables and beer kegs.)

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