Snapchatting the Millennial Generation: Tips & Tricks

By Kendall Bauer

snap-ghost-yellowThe wildly popular photo messaging app, Snapchat, has become a staple to the millennial virtual communication sphere. Over the years, Snapchat developed from a simple photo messaging service to a multifaceted platform for text, video, photo, news sharing and now, advertising. Snapchat does what other social networking outlets cannot accomplish: offering a snapshot of “instant expression” of what is happening in the present, in real-time. Users can send personal messages or share a “story” with their followers.

With the knowledge of the power of Snapchat, how can brands and companies leverage this platform to reach the millennial audience? And if you aren’t a member of the smart-phone addicted millennial generation, have no fear. Below are some tips to help your company or brand’s messaging get across in the snap…no pun intended.

1. Be selective with the content you Snap—make it interesting for viewers! Showcase your best, most exciting content. Nobody wants to watch a boring story.

2. Timing is everything. A lengthy Snapstory will not be received well, unless you are break dancing with Beyoncé. Then, and only then, keep that 100 second story.

3. Use geo-filters to your advantage. Let your users know where you are located or where they can participate in the fun. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) at its finest.

4. Create geo-filters for special events or initiatives. These can only be unlocked when in a specific location. Users can also post to a specific snap story. For example, at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, users are invited to post to the “Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Snap Story.” This content is user generated and is a huge WIN if your Snap shows up on the main feed.

5. Other people can add you or your brand by pointing their phone at the ghost on your profile and tapping their screen. It’s basically a QR code. If you want your friends to easily find you on Snapchat, you should share a screenshot of your Snapchat profile to Twitter or Facebook! You can also look up and follow people the old fashioned way—by their username.

Best of luck Snapchatters, young and old.  And remember, the biggest key to success is: “Snaps or it didn’t happen.”

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Written By: Kendall Bauer


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