Guest Blog: How The Castle Group Amplified My Career

By Amanda Corey

Develop, heighten, strengthen; beyond defining the word amplify, they are all words that represent my time at The Castle Group.  Let me explain.


I moved up to Boston from Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2013 and quickly learned that in Boston, it’s all about who you know, and everyone seemed to know The Castle Group. This type of renown in an area saturated with PR agencies speaks volumes, and I was excited to join such a reputable and respected firm.

The reputation that The Castle Group has developed over the last 20 years stems from the great work that they do and the connections they’ve made. My time at The Castle Group taught me the importance of developing my own brand as well as professional relationships, be it with coworkers, clients or the media. 


Heightening brand awareness is what PR agencies do best, and no agency does that better in the Boston area than Castle. Because traditional newsrooms are shrinking, making earned media harder to secure, agencies must adapt and devise new and creative ways to service and promote clients. 

Media hits are only valuable if they get you in front of your target audience. My time at Castle taught me how to effectively heighten a client’s profile through integrated public relations campaigns that capture media attention and contribute to a client’s bottom line. 


Strategic communications is an art and something that needs to be practiced daily. I took advantage of the opportunities I was offered at Castle to further strengthen my public relations skills. I developed an eye for detail and became a better writer and editor. I learned how to evaluate media relations plans and develop metrics for measuring results. I also learned how to be a more effective communicator and became confident working with the media. 

I value the time that I spent at Castle. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve made, the amazing clients that I got to work with and the professional development opportunities that allowed me to further my career in public relations.

Profile Picture for Author Amanda Corey at The Castle Group
Written By: Amanda Corey


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