Letter to a Future Intern

By Grace Rhee

Dear Future Events Intern,

If you’re looking for some spectacular insight into how events come together in an orderly fashion— despite the last minute changes and unexpected obstacles that come with the territory—you’ve come to the right place—Castle!

When I first interviewed at Castle for an internship, I was unsure if event management was the right fit for me. My doubts were alleviated on day one. After meeting with the team, I knew I wanted to become an event planner—and that I found the right place to hone my skills and learn more about the events industry. I hope that you, too, will gain the same inspiration and skills from your upcoming adventure!

One of my very first assignments was to prepare welcome “teaser” kits that would be mailed to the winners of an incentive trip. This involved building boxes, filling them with promotional items indigenous to the destination and including personalized travel information. It surprised me how much thought and care went into creating these welcome kits. This project was the first of many opportunities I received at Castle to gain more insight about the creativity and careful execution behind events. So much detail goes into every aspect of an event—more than you can imagine!

A snapshot of another teaser kit I worked on this April

You’ll be gaining a lot of hands-on experience—with plenty of research, idea board compilation, proposals and creative writing opportunities to keep things fresh. My roommates didn’t understand why I enjoyed my internship so much. I really got it that every task, no matter how small, was necessary to realize the vision the team was striving for and to amplify our clients with successful and unforgettable events. Even the welcome kit boxes were crucial in creating the perfect Castle experience. I enjoyed working on the project, knowing that I was assisting the team, who are always going above and beyond.

You may also have opportunities to work at local events in Boston. I’ve had memorable experiences being on-site, working at the registration tables and assisting attendees at events such as MIT Solve, Ruderman Inclusion Summit, and a number of employee appreciation events for local biotech companies. It’s amazing to see event details come to life. Having the chance to be a part of the live action was priceless.

I am truly thankful to have interned at Castle, where I continually gained new knowledge and skills, while being a resource to the team as they juggled numerous projects. I feel more prepared in continuing on with my journey into the events industry after graduation. Thanks to Castle and its encouraging, inclusive and dynamic environment, I am prepared for the challenge.

Castle also has a great corporate culture. On top of the industry experience you’ll gain, you can expect occasional doggie visits; lunch breaks with the team, themed happy hours and so much more. I know that you will feel as at home as I did with the amazing team at Castle!


Grace Rhee

Written By: Grace Rhee


Outdoors of the Castle Group office