RIP Big Blue | 2008-2016

IMG_2252It is with heavy hearts that we must say farewell to our trusted companion and team member, Big Blue. A sturdy, yet stylish extra large Delsey model, the color of the Caribbean Sea, with solid interior design, multiple pockets and deep storage capacity, Big Blue has loyally served on the Castle Events team since 2008. Although frequently slapped with excess luggage fees and the dreaded “OVERSIZED” or “HEAVY” tag this never seemed to erode his confidence or diminish his excellent work.

During his career, Blue traveled extensively, logging thousands of miles. From Mexico to Monaco and Orlando to Orange County, he was also frequently dispatched locally in the Boston area. Blue was responsible for carrying items such as name badges, carefully bubble wrapped gifts and other time sensitive items we would not dare trust to an ordinary shipping company. By travelling with us, he helped us manage our shipping expenses, and most importantly, kept our goods safe.

Over the course of his lifetime, Blue saw the likes of some very swanky hotels and the depths of some very dark and cramped luggage closets. He overcame lengthy delays and getting lost several times, but he always made his way back to us without complaint. “The best thing about Big Blue,” says Sara Barone, assistant event manager at Castle, “was that we could always spot him immediately, proudly rotating around the baggage carousel. Despite some scuffs and fraying edges he was always there to greet us warmly at each destination.”

Goodbye Big Blue and thank you for your years of dedicated service! Your new counterparts, Blue Two and Clifford, the Big Red Suitcase are already in action but no one can take your place. May you continue to fly the friendly skies forever.

The Castle Group, Executive Vice President, Keri McIntosh
Written By: Keri McIntosh


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