Castle Spirit Week

go teamTo commemorate Castle’s 20th anniversary on August 1, 2016, the Castle Culture Team created Spirit Week: a program blending fun, learning and bonding to recognize and reward the people who make our agency great every day—our team. Spirit Week focused on our agency’s latest corporate initiatives around wellness, team spirit, community service and celebration!

Thinking about innovative ways to reward and incentivize your employees? Check out the internal program we created to celebrate our 20th anniversary—or give us a call.

Monday | Wellness Day

The Castle team with Happier CEO Nataly Kogan

The morning started with freshly-squeezed juices from Stacy’s Juice Bar; a toast to our “Wonder Women” Sandy Lish and Wendy Spivak, and a “Pursuit of Happier” talk with Nataly Kogan, CEO of Happier. We continued the day’s focus on wellness with an out-of-the box lunch—literally—of healthy and hearty protein-packed quinoa bowls from Bailey & Sage; a mid-afternoon snack tasting with organic snack guru Bruce Namenson from Organic Living Superfoods; and rejuvenating chair massages by Alicia Green, LMT from Balanced Being Melrose Massage. Can you think of a better way to get everyone amped up for an exciting week ahead? We couldn’t either! Thanks to all of our partners who helped make today extra special!

Tuesday | Spirit Day

One of Castle’s longstanding holiday traditions is our annual “Thing” contest. A couple of weeks before our holiday party each year, employees are given a random item to use as inspiration to create—and present—a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. So…we simply couldn’t celebrate Castle’s Spirit Week without a 20th anniversary commemorative “Thing” contest. The “Thing” was a megaphone—a perfect item to remind everyone of our year-long anniversary campaign theme: Amplify Castle! The competition was especially fierce as we all strived to be chosen Best of Show!

Wednesday | Community Service Day

amplify castleCastle launched our new relationship in support of WriteBoston and its Boston Public School students by hosting a fun-filled day of writing, collaboration and exploration for 11 students. Our crack PR team taught students how to create personal elevator pitches, feature articles, press releases—Mad Libs-style—and shared best practices and tips on writing for social media. Students also participated in our “Good Morning, EyeOpener!” video which aired on WCVB NewsCenter 5’s Wake Up Call segment. We really thought that the “The Associated Press Stylebook” we gave each student as a parting gift from Castle would be the perfect way to end the day, but the ice cream truck that Perfect Parties sent over to help us celebrate 20 years really tipped things over the top. We love WriteBoston!

Thursday | Castle Staff Outing

We kicked off the day with a little “swag” shopping in our Castle Café before heading out for an afternoon of relaxation and celebration. Each employee selected a brand new pair of Ray-Ban® sunglasses from a host of styles, and received orange (Castle’s signature color) Havaianas® flip flops before setting sail on the 67-foot Liberty Star that launched us from the Navy Yard’s Pier 8 for an afternoon of sailing, noshing and memory-making. Sailing along Boston Harbor on this majestic tall ship was a perfect ending to Castle’s 20th anniversary Spirit Week festivities!

Stay tuned to read more about Spirit Week from Castle staff members who will be sharing their individual experiences.

The Castle Group, Chief Marketing Officer, Deborah Spencer
Written By: Deborah Spencer


Outdoors of the Castle Group office