The Work Wellness Benefits of Massage

During our Castle Spirit Week Wellness Day, we had the opportunity to sign up for a 10-minute chair massage from Melrose Massage. The benefits of massage therapy in the work environment are nothing new. Beginning in the 90’s, research revealed that incorporating massage therapy as a company benefit could reduce employee stress levels, and in turn decrease stress-related illnesses, minimize fatigue, and increase the productivity and alertness of employees—especially those who sit at a desk all day. Beyond the physical benefits, massage can boost employee morale and satisfaction in the workplace. At Castle we are lucky to have business owners who understand the ROI of just 10 minutes of each employee’s time. Not only did Spirit Week accomplish the task of celebrating 20 years as a company, small moments like the massage made us feel valued, and was a great reminder that success cannot happen without healthy and happy team members.

SpaNot only is massage a great asset to build a positive corporate culture in the office, it can also bring value to corporate events. Conferences are a great way to pack a lot of content into a few days and capitalize on face-to-face interactions. With general sessions, track breakouts, one on one meetings and networking events in the evenings, attendees may leave feeling drained or overwhelmed. Including an optional 10-minute chair massages during scheduled breaks could provide attendees with a great way to reenergize. Plan ahead and include this benefit on your event registration form or app. Giving your attendees an opportunity to refuel, could mean they get more out of the rest of the program. Depending on the audience and sponsors, massages can also be incorporated into expos and exhibitor booths. If you’re interested in giving your guests the royal treatment, why not consider a wellness day prior or post-program? Whether it’s a reward for top performers, or offered on a first-come first-served basis, spa treatments are a great way to say thank you to your employees, or give sponsors a chance to gain exclusive networking time by hosting food and beverage in an area near the spa.

Any of these ideas pique your interest? We’d love to help you show your employees how much you appreciate them!

The Castle Group, Senior Manager, Creative Services & Marketing, Maria Ryan
Written By: Maria Ryan


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