From our earliest days, we’ve been proud to represent organizations of all sizes on a national playing field. Every client has national as well as local needs — whether for awards and speaking engagements, trade media coverage, top-tier media coverage or digital services. From our headquarters in Boston, we can score coverage across the country or across the street. And with the added benefit of having access to boots on the ground nationally as well as internationally, through our proprietary network of independent partner firms within Public Relations Global Network, our clients can have access to detailed, insider knowledge about key targets and communities anywhere in the world.

Members of the Public Relations Global Network gather for a group photo
Members of the Public Relations Global Network gather for a group photo
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We’re proud to be the Boston member of PRGN, a worldwide network of independent, mid-sized firms that guarantees our clients the same high level of market expertise and insight in international markets that they have in our own domestic environment.

Through our collaborative principal-to-principal network relationships, your insight into a different culture, business market, economy or opportunity is only a phone call or email away. The world’s most prominent organizations and most credible media and referral outlets trust PRGN members for quality, access and results.