Video: Jen Martin Answers 4 Questions on Corporate Event Planning

How did you get started as a corporate event planner?

I have always loved events. I joke and tell the story that the first event I ever planned was my little brother’s Barmitzvah when I was in high school. I continued always wanting to plan events and was always doing the organizing thing. Then in college I worked at a football stadium and realized you could do events for a living… like people planned events for a living! It wasn’t just a hobby.

What is the day to day like as a corporate event planner?

Some days it’s working on collateral with our designers, some days it’s logistics and the food and beverage, and some days it’s sourcing a new venue or looking through contracts, but no two days are the same. It never gets monotonous, which is really nice and keeps you interested and on your toes.

I love that I can work here at an agency and get the variety of large corporate events and smaller non-profit galas that are making an impact and difference in the world. And I love the variety that Castle clients offer for us to plan.

How has the events industry changed?

The industry is changing to be very intentional about in-person meetings. Virtual components are still very much a part of our industry, but it’s thinking through when we do meet in person, how are we making the greatest impact.

Why Castle?

I love Castle. I think this is the best place I’ve ever worked. The genuine humans that work here are just good people and they care. We care about our clients and the work that our clients are doing, and we know that our work impacts theirs. What we are doing matters, even if it’s behind the scenes and no one that’s attending knows who we are. That’s the goal, right? We’re behind the scenes to make our client look good.

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Written By: Jen Martin


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