Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications & Crisis Management PR

We have extensive crisis management experience leading national high-profile, high-stakes crises and helping our clients through sensitive and often highly charged matters around discrimination, wrongful termination, financial malfeasance, Title IX, litigation, sexual misconduct, data breaches and regulatory investigations.

We know how to effectively manage and communicate during a crisis to minimize risk and exposure and manage reputations. Our clients often comment on how quickly we jump in and become members of their team. They also appreciate the fact that we consider all of the angles, the short- and long-term, and the nuances of their institution.

There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach, but our range of crisis clients across industries provides the foundation for immediate action based on proven, successful experiences.

Today’s instant news cycle, propelled by social media, means that a swift and solid response is more critical than ever before.

Our Approach to Crisis PR

  • Integrate quickly with leadership, legal and communications teams
  • Assess the crisis
  • Understand the context and resources
  • Identify the stakeholders
  • Develop and implement an integrated communications strategy
  • Provide ongoing strategic counsel, crisis management and crisis communications support
  • Conduct situational review

Crisis PR Services

PR Experts Approved by United Educators

Castle’s crisis communications expertise has resulted in the distinction of being named an approved crisis communications PR firm of United Educators (UE), the nation’s leading provider of risk management solutions for higher education. UE member schools from across the country, representing colleges/universities, independent schools and others, have partnered with Castle for crisis communications and PR services in support of a covered crisis.