5 Things to Remember When Working a Hybrid Internship

For over a year now, most of the corporate world has adjusted and become comfortable working entirely from home. We have learned the technology, invested in blue light glasses, and spent more time on Zoom than anyone thought possible. Thankfully, now that things are starting to get back to normal, many employees are getting back…

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How to Write a Press Release: Best Practices for Success

Writing a press release was one of the first things I learned how to do in college. I had just declared my major, a dual study in public relations and marketing, and our professor told us this was the most important thing we would learn in the introductory course. At the time, I didn’t believe…

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What My Internship Taught Me About My Full-Time Job

The summer after my junior year of college I was fortunate enough to have a public relations internship at The Castle Group. My time those few months was eye-opening, educational and inspiring. For the first time, I saw what a PR agency was all about. I got to learn from some of the best in…

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Five Things I Learned About Being a College Athlete That Helped Me Succeed in Event Planning

Moving from the soccer field to the office, I never expected the lessons I learned as a student athlete to apply to my internship. The skills that I developed on the field starting when I was first learning to play at age five or six have carried with me into my professional development in the…

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Letter to a Future Intern

If you’re looking for some spectacular insight into how events come together in an orderly fashion— despite the last minute changes and unexpected obstacles that come with the territory—you’ve come to the right place—Castle!

When I first interviewed at Castle for an internship, I was unsure if event management was the right fit for me. My doubts were alleviated on day one. After meeting with the team, I knew I wanted to become an event planner—and that I found the right place to hone my skills and learn more about the events industry. I hope that you, too, will gain the same inspiration and skills from your upcoming adventure!

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Recycling Tips for Beginners

One of my side projects as an intern this past week has been to mock-up a few infographics for a potential case study idea. While browsing through the sea of infographics on the web, I came across this post on GOOD, laying out why American’s don’t recycle. It was such a successful infographic it inspired me to write this post on recycling, despite the fact that earth day is months away! 

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