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Letter to a Future Intern

If you’re looking for some spectacular insight into how events come together in an orderly fashion— despite the last minute changes and unexpected obstacles that come with the territory—you’ve come to the right place—Castle!

When I first interviewed at Castle for an internship, I was unsure if event management was the right fit for me. My doubts were alleviated on day one. After meeting with the team, I knew I wanted to become an event planner—and that I found the right place to hone my skills and learn more about the events industry. I hope that you, too, will gain the same inspiration and skills from your upcoming adventure!

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5 Questions to ask at a Food Tasting

Unfortunately, most of us have eaten food at a meeting or celebration that we did not like. Maybe you thought to yourself, why on earth did the host choose this? What could they have been thinking? During the planning process, tastings may take place months prior to the actual event. To avoid attendees questioning your…

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Discover the experience… Seriously

Previous internship experience is one of the great assets you can have when you begin job searching after graduation. It shows potential employers that you have hands-on experience in your field of study, that you are capable of being a member of a professional team, and that you have made an effort to get a feel for what a professional work environment is like before you enter the “real world.”  Fortunately, I attend a school, Endicott College, in Beverly, Mass, that stresses the importance of gaining experience in the field that you are majoring in during undergraduate years.

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