Unfortunately…Fortunately: Castle Reflects on 2020

Have you ever read Fortunately, by Remy Charlip? It’s a story about a boy who overcomes obstacles—and a childhood favorite of our SVP Keri McIntosh. To this day, you’ll often hear her reference the story’s point of view—unfortunately…fortunately—when we’re about to face a challenge.

It can be inspiring to look for the positives, especially this time of year. The season of gratitude is upon us, so our team took some time out to reflect on our personal unfortunately…fortunately sentiments for 2020. Check out our video.

Castle reflects on 2020 Autumn Leaves


unfortunately...fortunately - Alex Unfortunately

Unfortunately…Following graduation, I had to move home, forfeiting some independence.

unfortunately...fortunately - Alex Fortunately

Fortunately…I love spending time with my mom, and I have expense-free living.


unfortunately...fortunately - Alicia Unfortunately

Unfortunately…My wedding was postponed.

unfortunately...fortunately - Alicia Fortunately

Fortunately…I have more time to practice my dance moves!


unfortunately...fortunately - Amanda Unfortunately

Unfortunately…So many restaurants are struggling.

unfortunately...fortunately - Amanda Fortunately

Fortunately…I live in an area where I can support local restaurants by ordering takeout!


unfortunately...fortunately - Andrea Unfortunately

Unfortunately…It may be a long winter ahead, causing uncertainty for our communities.

unfortunately...fortunately - Andrea Fortunately

Fortunately…We adopted the most amazing quarantine puppy who will keep us warm by the fire all winter.


unfortunately...fortunately - Callie Unfortunately

Unfortunately…One of my favorite things to do—travel—isn’t so easy these days.

unfortunately...fortunately - Callie Fortunately

Fortunately…I’ve found ways to get away safely with family and friends.


unfortunately...fortunately - Danielle Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I have not had a meal inside a restaurant since March.

unfortunately...fortunately - Danielle Fortunately

Fortunately…I have mastered a perfect medium rare.


unfortunately...fortunately - Deb Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I chipped my front tooth during a pandemic.

unfortunately...fortunately - Deb Fortunately

Fortunately…Masks are all the rage right now (I’m smiling).


unfortunately...fortunately - Emily Unfortunately

Unfortunately…It looks like we’re going to be stuck inside for a few more months.

unfortunately...fortunately - Emily Fortunately

Fortunately…I live with my sister and we spend lots of quality time together!


unfortunately...fortunately - Eric Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I haven’t seen a lot of my friends in person recently.

unfortunately...fortunately - Eric Fortunately

Fortunately…I’ve stayed in better contact with friends who live far away through Zoom.


Unfortunately…I’ll miss one of my favorite traditions: spending Thanksgiving with my family.

Fortunately…Everyone is healthy and safe, and we have technology to keep us connected!


Justin Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I did not have a formal college graduation.

Justin Fortunately

Fortunately…I earned a college diploma!


Hilary Unfortunately


Hilary Fortunately

Fortunately…I’ve gotten to spend more time with my son.


Kenna Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I haven’t been home to visit my parents in 10 months.

Kenna Fortunately

Fortunately…I’ve gotten a lot better at Zoom Pictionary.


Keri Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I have been far away from family during this time.

Keri Fortunately

Fortunately…I live on Maui, which is a beautiful place to be quarantined.


Maria Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I haven’t been able to see my sisters who live thousands of miles away.

Maria Fortunately

Fortunately…Technology allows us to stay connected and we are talking more than ever!


Paige Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I haven’t seen my coworkers in person since March.

Paige Fortunately

Fortunately…I have coworkers that I miss seeing!



Fortunately…Healthy family + family time.


Sandy Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I can’t network in person these days.

Sandy Fortunately



Sean Unfortunately

Unfortunately…Our children are missing their friends, a normal school environment, and fun trips away.

Sean Fortunately

Fortunately…They are safe and healthy and we’re more aware of all the things we used to take for granted.


Steve Unfortunately

Unfortunately…I am often stuck at home with my 20-month-old daughter.

Steve Fortunately

Fortunately…I am often stuck at home with my 20-month-old daughter!


Wendy Unfortunately

Unfortunately…My parents are stuck at home.

Wendy Fortunately

Fortunately…I can still see them every week.

Autumn Leaves

From all of us at Castle, we wish you a happy, healthy and safe season of gratitude with many “fortunately-filled” moments. We hope you’ll share your 2020 sentiments with us in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.