Boston Relationship Marketing Services

As the late, legendary House Speaker Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.” That same tenet applies to public relations. With founders born and bred in the Boston area, and more than two decades building Castle’s relationships, we’ve amassed a legion of contacts that helps our clients get directly in front of key decision makers and influencers. Whether it’s in the board room, news room, war room or beyond, we have the relationships that help our clients convert marketing strategies into business success. As the world increasingly connects through technology and social media, there remains a critical need for face-to-face, in-person connectivity to get deals done. Many of our clients must reach, through multiple means, our region’s audiences for recruitment, sales, development, funding, customer acquisition, M&A and many other reasons. The best storytelling happens in person, with a captive and cultivated audience.

Our Team’s Approach as a leading Relationship Marketing PR Agency

Through a blend of relationship marketing tools, carefully woven together to reach each client’s need, we leverage our massive database and work our magic to make direct and indirect connections that get our clients the business results they need. We deliver ROI through media contacts, political leadership, civic leadership, associations, CEOs, the philanthropic and charitable communities and more. About half of our clients are based here and need to reach audiences in their backyards. The other half is comprised primarily of multinational firms who’ve hired us because they know this is a parochial marketplace that can be difficult to break into without a credible, well-connected relationship “Sherpa” like us.

We hear all the time, “I see Castle everywhere.” That’s right — we’re out in the community alongside the people you need to reach — speaking, serving on boards, networking, making introductions to the right people and the right organizations, from corporations to small businesses to nonprofits. We’re already where you need to be.

We’re proud to represent New England in the proprietary Public Relations Global Network. Our partners — and their clients — around the world know there is no one better to represent their interests in the marketplace we’ve always called home.