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2020 – The Year of Crisis

What a year. 2020 might as well have been “the year of crisis.” Or maybe it was just one big 365-day crisis. It certainly felt like it, as The Castle Group’s crisis communications practice managed more than 100 crises for 57 clients in 19 states and two countries. As we reflect on 2020, we all spent the…

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Traveling During COVID – What You Need to Know Before, During & After Your Trip

For millions around the world work from home days are long, daylight is shorter, and tropical backgrounds are becoming more enticing by the minute. The tourism industry is continuing to offer promotions, incentive deals, and innovative options to work from scenic locations and revamp your workweek. As appealing as those offers are, coronavirus travel restrictions…

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5 Ways to Foster Campus Culture This Winter Break

Many college students were either on spring break or about to start spring break when the global pandemic hit the United States in March 2020. School administrators across the country sent “extended spring break” notices so they could consider what to do next. Weeks later, students were informed that the remainder of their school year…

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Unfortunately…Fortunately: Castle Reflects on 2020

Have you ever read Fortunately, by Remy Charlip? It’s a story about a boy who overcomes obstacles—and a childhood favorite of our SVP Keri McIntosh. To this day, you’ll often hear her reference the story’s point of view—unfortunately…fortunately—when we’re about to face a challenge. It can be inspiring to look for the positives, especially this…

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