The Castle Collage

One of the most moving moments in our otherwise largely humorous, “Thing” competition came when Keri presented her fabric- and phrase-splotched megaphone.

Keri has been an integral part of our team for an amazing 17 YEARS—having led events for us around the world and around the corner. She has developed team members and client relationships and most of all, epitomizes Castle Culture. She is family.

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Women: Amplified

In the last 11 years as a member of the Castle team, I’ve developed in my career in numerous ways. This past year I had a new and exciting opportunity: the chance to amplify that growth through the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Leadership Program.

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Guest Blog: How The Castle Group Amplified My Career

Develop, heighten, strengthen; beyond defining the word amplify, they are all words that represent my time at The Castle Group. Let me explain.

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“Amplifying” Inside and Out

Can we brag for a minute? We’re beyond proud to have been named a Boston Business Journal Best Place to Work, which is based on employee feedback. This recognition means a lot to us, because we’re nothing without our talented people who put their brains to work for our clients every day. As proud as we are of our workplace, we’re even more proud of them. We believe we’re a leading workplace, due, in part, to our 20th anniversary #amplifycastle campaign which touches everyone on the Castle team, and the hard work we put into our company retreat, where the campaign was born.

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Amplify your event message through unique entertainment and event visuals

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the ways of entertaining and interacting with guests. Here are some unique entertainment and event visual ideas that do just that.

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Guest Blog: What it Takes to Elevate & Amplify Events

There are important tenets that I learned at Castle that I carry with me today. These five tools help me elevate and amplify the events I am creating now on all levels.

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