Amplify your event message through unique entertainment and event visuals

At Castle, each event we create starts with key objectives. Our job is to achieve these objectives through the live event experience. As Nicole Gonzalez pointed out in her recent guest blog—when executed properly, all event elements weave together to reinforce a brand, tell a story or relay a message to the audience—from the initial invitation to the venue selection, menu and even the entertainment.

At Castle we are always looking for new ways to amplify our clients’ messages and “wow” audiences in the process. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the ways of entertaining and interacting with guests. Here are some unique entertainment and event visual ideas that do just that…

Digital speed painting performance – Speed painting (creating a work of art in three to five minutes in front of a live audience) was made popular years ago by Denny Dent who painted celebrity portraits using multiple brushes and throwing paint on canvas all while dancing to rock music. There are several talented artists that still perform in this way and can really energize a live event. However, with the dawn of the digital graffiti wall, interactive artists are able to create art in minutes while merging music, video and graphics. It is the modern twist on speed painting. Watch an example here.

Note – digital graffiti walls are also a great form of interactive entertainment for guests. They can be staged in a reception area for attendees to create their own artwork. Photos or branding can be uploaded and each design on the wall can be saved, shared on social media or emailed.

Art through sand – A live performance using a light projector and sand, the artist takes the audience on a journey choreographed to music. This can be a powerful tool to captivate audiences, especially if the event objective is to tell a story. Performances can be tailored to fit the message. The art form can be understood and more fully appreciated by watching here.

Live VJ (Video Jockey) – While a DJ creates an atmosphere through music alone, a live video jockey combines music and video. Generally the videos are choreographed to the rhythm of the music and can be customized to create a mood or showcase a brand. Castle recently engaged a group called Side Project in Orlando, Florida for a corporate after party.  This talented duo of drummer and DJ created a high energy show that combined video mapping (see below), lights, music and live drumming. It was unique and memorable, and elevated the party to a whole new level.

Projection Mapping –  Also known as video mapping, this technology uses specialized software to warp and map a projected image or images on virtually any surface including irregular shaped objects such as cars and buildings. This means event producers are no longer confined to a standard screen or screens. Often times this is combined with motion graphics, custom animation and 3-D imaging making video displays come alive in color and light.


Although projection mapping has been around for a while, it is now becoming more accessible and affordable for corporate planners. Projection mapping offers another powerful tool to increase mind share and engage audiences. It can be used in a variety of event applications such as the following:

  • Create an atmosphere – By projecting larger-than-life images onto walls, buildings and surfaces, event designers can literally transform a space and create a whole new environment for guests to enter and/or walk through.
  • Showcase a product – It has been used successfully in car and retail product launches and tradeshows to draw attention and keep “all eyes” on the product.
  • Extraordinary entertainment – Video mapping can be combined with dance and music to create stunning live performances that mesmerize your audience. Watch an impressive clip here.
  • Branding and signage – This technology can also be used at conferences and tradeshows to take the place of, or in addition to traditional banners. More dynamic than a standard gobo (glowing logo), projection mapping allows the message and/or images to change frequently so guests engage longer and more often.  It is also a more eco-friendly solution to vinyl or other printed signs.  See it in action here.

  • Scenery or backdrops – Multimedia murals can be used as a stage sets for corporate presentations, concerts, product launches or fashion shows.

While doing research on projection mapping for a client, I became truly impressed with this convergence of art and technology and its future implications for our industry. Have you seen it in action? What other forms of entertainment have grabbed your attention lately?

The Castle Group, Executive Vice President, Keri McIntosh
Written By: Keri McIntosh


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