The Castle Collage


One of the most moving moments in our otherwise largely humorous, “Thing” competition  came when Keri presented her fabric- and phrase-splotched megaphone.

Keri has been an integral part of our team for an amazing 17 YEARS—having led events for us around the world and around the corner. She has developed team members and client relationships and most of all, epitomizes Castle Culture. She is family.

There is no greater satisfaction than to have heard Keri verbalize these sentiments that exactly describe what Wendy and I set out to build 20 years ago. I may have shed a tear…



The Castle Collage by Keri McIntosh

Keri's Megaphone
Castle values: communication, trust, creativity, teamwork, resourceful, dependable, scrappy, professional, mindful, and caring

The pieces of fabric are unique, vibrant and distinctive.

They have different patterns and textures.

They are made of different material and have different feelings.

These swatches represent our individual contributions and ideas.

We join them together, layering and weaving our combined skills and knowledge.

We take swatches from conversations, meetings and brainstorming sessions so that our total work is an intricate patchwork of ideas, inspiration and experience.

We are bound together as a collective work family.

The pieces of us create a larger whole…a more amplified sound with a greater resonance.

At 20 years, we are also woven into the fabric of our community.

We are not mass-produced; we are not a big franchise or corporate machine. We are a collection of individual pieces and that is what makes us strong and successful!

The Castle Group, Executive Vice President, Keri McIntosh
Written By: Keri McIntosh


Outdoors of the Castle Group office