Social Media

Castle employees working on social media content for a client on their mobile phone and laptop
Castle employees working on social media content for a client on their mobile phone and laptop

When people aren’t talking about what’s on social media, they are posting on it.

But why, from a business perspective, should your organization participate? How should you do it? And why does it matter?

We take a common sense approach to social media management– analyze your audiences, find out where they live online and engage them through compelling content.

Develop and deploy a social media strategy that aligns with your goals and your capacity.

Social Media Management

But don’t set up channels on five different platforms if you can’t manage them all. From the basics — building out your products and services on LinkedIn, setting up a Facebook page — to complex social media marketing strategies, contests and interactive tools, we help clients feed these networks, monitor their presence and measure their engagement. We can provide social media training, help your website become social media-friendly or support your blog vision. We can embed social media tools into your event, sales conference or marketing program to develop a new level of interaction and engagement for your teams.

Of course, social media is a critical way to amplify your company’s good work, media coverage and thought leadership. Our teams seamlessly integrate to provide PR services and social strategies that help you get the word out about your business across platforms.

Social media requires a higher level of engagement and interaction than more static marketing vehicles, so sustainability and commitment are critical. With our range of social media marketing services, Castle can help assess, build or manage your social media presence either in conjunction with a broader marketing campaign or as a standalone program.