Wiesbaden meets Boston

By Doreen Blanke

Imagine coming to a completely new city, a totally new company and colleagues you’ve never met before. Feeling awkward, right? Not at The Castle Group! You arrive and feel extremely welcome – everyone welcomes you immediately. There’s no better start, trust me, because I’ve spent five days at The Castle Group office as a visitor from one of the PRGN partners – cometis AG (Wiesbaden, Germany).

The whole team is just fantastic. Everyone was so motivated to show me all the different parts of their daily work. I got an overview of “Castle capabilities,” current events, new business proposals, social media and much more. Besides that, I was able to work on an upcoming PRGN event – specifically helping to create the registration website, including all available details and infos about the event.

I’ll return to Germany with so many amazing impressions and new ideas.

Taking part in an exchange is probably the best thing a company could offer its employees. Getting fresh impressions, new and innovative views on things you work on a daily business. Seeing how similarly or even differently cometis and Castle Group are working on projects is a win-win situation for both sides.

Not only in the office, the TCG team did everything to make my short stay in Boston as successful and exciting as possible. They planned an entire social program too – so Boston was not just an office building and a hotel room for me. They took me on a “Duck tour” through Boston, took me out for dinner at amazing Boston locations, and finally I’ve joined them for my first baseball game ever – Boston Red Sox!!!

Anhang 1

Thank you all at Castle for making that week such a successful and valuable experience. Every one of you has been a huge part of it. I’m glad I came to Boston to work with such talented and amazing people.


Written By: Doreen Blanke


Outdoors of the Castle Group office