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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Michelle Wu, Part I

Castle’s Sandy Lish recently sat down with City Council President Michelle Wu to discuss her inspirational leadership in Boston. Part one of this two-part interview covers Michelle’s thoughts on young leadership and some tips on how to amplify your own voice and ideas.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Evelyn Murphy, Part II

Below is Part Two of Sandy Lish’s interview with the first female Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Evelyn Murphy.

Sandy: As you think back on your experiences, is there one defining moment that led to your focus on pay equity and the wage gap?

Evelyn: There is no one defining moment, but there is a defining period of time. I challenge you to think of it that way. Let me explain. While I was in public office I didn’t attend to my retirement years. As a result, I concentrated my time during the majority of the 1990s on making and saving money so that I could live modestly for the rest of my life.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Bill Fine

As we continue to celebrate 20 years in business, our own Sandy Lish sat down with the General Manager of WCVB, Bill Fine, to talk about his defining moments over the past 20 years, his incredible team, and how the station as a whole amplifies itself within the community.

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Mayor Tom Menino: A Castle Tribute

Everyone in our office stopped what they were doing when we heard about the passing of our beloved former Mayor Tom Menino. Although it was not a surprise—it had been announced a week ago that he was discontinuing his cancer treatments and was in hospice care—it still felt like a punch to the gut. For some…

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Going nowhere fast

Driving in Boston. The mere phrase can evoke many strong emotions ranging from confusion, rage and fear to a general sense of hopelessness. These reactions often stem from our “you can’t get there from here,” non-linear streets. Lately, though, these feelings are just as likely to be caused by our ever-growing traffic crisis. I’ve spent…

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Wiesbaden meets Boston

Imagine coming to a completely new city, a totally new company and colleagues you’ve never met before. Feeling awkward, right? Not at The Castle Group! You arrive and feel extremely welcome – everyone welcomes you immediately. There’s no better start, trust me, because I’ve spent five days at The Castle Group office as a visitor…

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Boston Strong

Boston strong: a phrase that now scrolls across bus banners, indelibly marks local buildings and fuels political speeches has united and comforted us in the last week. Bostonians are the original rebels – descendants, whether in ancestry or spirit, of those who left England for the sake of individualism and freedom; rebels who formed the city on a hill that would cement the American paradox – a nation of individuals rooted in strong communities.

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Inspiration in a Time of Tragedy

I, like most Bostonians, have spent the last couple of days trying to digest what happened at Monday’s Marathon and, I must admit, I am still coming to grips with the reality of the situation. The city that I know and love is forever changed and the sporting event that so many of us looked forward to each year will never be the same.

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What we are thankful for this year…

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Castle asked our team what they are thankful for this year.
We are thankful for:

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