The Meetings Industry…Stirred But Not Shaken by Lackluster Economic Growth

As the economy continues to struggle, it’s an easier decision for companies to become more conservative and drop meeting and events budgets from the bottom line, reasoning that this will not be detrimental to the growth of the company. From where I sit, this is exactly the opposite of true.  I have found that companies continuing to invest in their employees through meetings and incentives build loyalty, aid retention and bolster commitment, all of which result in increased productivity – the most important goal of any successful organization.

To create meetings and incentives that successfully accomplish these goals, it is important to take a people-first approach to event management by getting to know your clients deeply in order to develop programs that will yield the greatest likelihood of success. The focus should be on total investment at the concept stage of the planning process that then carries through to the execution of the event and through the post-meeting evaluation. There is no substitute for solid professional experience coupled with genuine client relationships to deliver extraordinary results.

This ensures the greatest possible value for the client. I personally invest a lot of time learning everything about our clients business, from their marketing and sales objectives and mission statements, to their corporate culture and top marketplace challenges. Becoming an extension of your client’s team builds partnerships based on mutual respect and shared goals. There’s no skimping on time and energy in creating the partnership bond. Over time we determine what level of involvement the client wants to have in program development and execution and their preferred mode of communication.  We prove that partnership, true understanding and frequent consultation deliver real results. Our attitude is that it’s essential to provide new and better services to meet the challenging needs for each client while recognizing their unique differences.

I couldn’t be more optimistic about the meetings and incentive opportunities that exist for businesses that are either striving or thriving in this economy.