Guest Blog Post: The Best Lesson

Sometimes, life is full of coincidences, isn’t it?

Recently, I was sharing a story with my husband about the best lesson I learned from Sandy Lish and The Castle Group, and how I apply it to my own business today. A few days later, Sandy asked me to write a guest blog to help celebrate Castle’s 20-year anniversary. No joke. Coincidence. Fate. Kismet. Whatever you call, it’s an easy blog to write.

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Guest Blog: 5 Timeless PR Techniques for Great Success

I started out at The Castle Group (TCG) as an Account Coordinator in 2006. It was my first job out of college, so needless to say, I was very green to the public relations industry. Little did I know that this first job was much more than just a j-o-b. It was an experience that helped me uncover a passion for nutrition, and this discovery coupled with the unwavering support of the Castle team would set me on a path that would determine the rest of my career.

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The thing about the “Thing”

The “Thing.”

No, it isn’t the title of a scary movie. And no, it isn’t an unknown being that emerges from the swampy wetlands one cold night in October. (Though the thought of both produce far less anxiety than what the “Thing” actually is, particularly for a new employee like me).

So what is it then? Apparently the “Thing” is a holiday contest, one that dates back 20 years to the founding of The Castle Group, involving a random object that changes from year to year. Therefore to celebrate our 20th anniversary, Castle Spirit Week had to include an special edition of The “Thing”.

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Guest Blog: The Four Cs Already Becoming Pillars Back In 1997

With The Castle Group turning 20, I hear they have four fundamental Cs that are critical to the firm’s success – Creative, Client-centered, Communications and Connectivity. Well, I am happy to tell you that these 4 Cs, while not named as such, were already established components of the firm’s day-to-day operations and helped propel the agency to early success that has enabled it to reach its 20th birthday.

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Too Many T’s?

Everyone loves free stuff – free food, free swag, free fun. However, as an event planner from the millennial generation, I must admit I have reached my capacity for free t-shirts. The T-shirt was first popularized in the United States as part of the U.S. Navy uniform in the Spanish-American War. It became the clothing…

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Pin Your Way to Holiday Gifts

This past spring, I first discovered Pinterest, a visual online pin board that allows social photo sharing. I love how easy it is to use, and how helpful it has been to find easy ways to decorate my small dorm room, find delicious recipes and find gift ideas!

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