Guest Blog Post: The Best Lesson

By Jennifer Finley

Sometimes, life is full of coincidences, isn’t it?

Recently, I was sharing a story with my husband about the best lesson I learned from Sandy Lish and The Castle Group, and how I apply it to my own business today.  A few days later, Sandy asked me to write a guest blog to help celebrate Castle’s 20-year anniversary.  No joke. Coincidence. Fate. Kismet. Whatever you call, it’s an easy blog to write.

Here’s the lesson: Give more than the client expects.  We called this being proactive.  Yes, that term, “proactive,” is often ridiculed for being overused, but The Castle Group really embodies its true meaning.

At Castle, we never sat back and waited for the client to tell us what they wanted us to do.  In fact, there seemed to be an unwritten rule that the client should never come to us with an idea or project. It was our job always to be thinking about the client, their needs and how we could best promote them.  It was an example set at the top—by Sandy and Wendy—and we took great pride in delivering creative solutions on a daily basis.  Knowing Sandy and Wendy, I’m sure that work ethic still survives and thrives today.

It’s been 16 years since I worked at The Castle Group.  Since then, I continued my PR career, became a casualty of the dot-com meltdown, raised a family and started my own business. It is this one mantra, “Give more than the client expects,” that propels me today.

By the way, The Castle Group being in business for 20 years is not a coincidence. It certainly did not happen by chance. Twenty years in business comes only by putting the clients first, creating value and achieving results.

Happy Birthday, Castle!

Jennifer is Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Juniper Promotional Marketing, where she creates innovative and inspired 3-Dimensional marketing campaigns.

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Written By: Jennifer Finley


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