Pin Your Way to Holiday Gifts

By Alissa Avilov

This past spring, I first discovered Pinterest, a visual online pin board that allows social photo sharing. I love how easy it is to use, and how helpful it has been to find easy ways to decorate my small dorm room, find delicious recipes and find gift ideas!

As a college student, I’m on a tight budget, so when the holidays come around I like to be creative with my gifts. I enjoy baking and love crafting, so I try to put those interests together to make creative gifts. Below are some of my favorite ideas for affordable, easy and thoughtful homemade holiday gifts:

  • Nutella Truffles: decadent, elegant, and rich, these truffles will make the receiver feel extra special and only cost you around $10!
  • While on the subject of Nutella, why not make homemade Nutella as a gift. Put it in a cute little mason jar, wrap it with a bow, and you have a personal, thoughtful and delicious gift.
  • For the beauty queen in your life, purchase a nail polish with a name and color that matches the personality of the lovely lady you are gifting it to and attach a card that says “For Your Mistletoes”. Minimum work, under $10, and so cute.
  • Candied Orange Peel: A sophisticated treat that brings the wow factor, but is a cinch to make and uses an ingredient you were probably just going to throw away.
  • If you’re looking to get a little whimsical, Reindeer Cookies are the treat for you. They are perfect for kids (and adults!) and look great wrapped up in a holiday-themed takeout container.

Happy Holidays and Happy Pinning!

Holiday Gifts

Written By: Alissa Avilov


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