Video: Kylie Lacerda Answers 6 Questions on Corporate Event Management

How would you describe event management?

Nobody gets it. I find that a lot, even my family doesn’t get it. It’s strategy first and foremost. Some people get bogged down with the details of the budgets, and the linens, and the name tags, but it’s so much more than that. What we bring to events is the strategy behind it, our creativity, and how you can really take something from A all the way to Z and everything in between.

What do you love about working in corporate events?

I love the number of different things we do, and the different clients we have. One minute we can be planning the unveiling of The Embrace statue, the next minute we’re at a renewable energy conference, and after that, it’s a webinar. It runs the gamut, it’s never boring, and it allows us to use our creativity in different ways at all times.

What is your favorite part of the corporate event planning process?

My favorite part is when it’s over. And it’s not in the way that it sounds! It’s knowing that

we worked our butts off for our team and for our clients. It is seeing it come to life, as cliche as that sounds, knowing that we’ve done everything to make Castle look good, and make the client look good.

How has the corporate events industry changed over the course of your career?

It’s evolving all the time, and I think our clients’ needs are evolving all the time. Obviously, during COVID things changed drastically. You had to switch completely to no events for a while and then to remote. Now that events are back, there’s just an appetite to do things a little bit differently. There’s a huge focus now on sustainability, and the environment, and that’s coming across. Clients have different needs now and I’m excited for where things are going to go. It’s always changing and our clients’ needs are always changing, and it’s our job to help them figure that all out.

What recent corporate event trend is here to stay?

The hybrid format is here to stay. We will continue to see a lot of that. I don’t think we will do a lot of remote only, but hybrid is attractive to a lot of people because you have the best of both worlds.

Why Castle?

We all have different strengths, and we all support each other. At the end of the day, we

work towards the same goal, which is putting our best foot forward, and doing our best work for our clients. You won’t find another corporate event company that will work as hard as we are, and we’re just collaborative with one another. If I don’t feel like I’m having a great idea that day or am particularly inspired, there’s someone on the team who is, if I don’t have an answer to something, there’s someone on the team who will, and we bounce off each other in that way, which makes us strong together.

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