Fair Tweets and Gaga Games

Got Twitter space to spare? Ben & Jerry’s is asking Twitter users to commit unused characters to standing up for economic justice; all you need to do is use fairtweeds.com to tweet. Ben & Jerry’s Twitter application turns any spare characters of the 140 characters available per Tweet into a message about Fair Trade, on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day on May 14. With this simple but brilliant idea, Ben & Jerry’s social media team not only raises awareness on Fair Trade, but also lets social media users spread the word for them. Well done.

You’d think she doesn’t need more awareness, but Lady Gaga is expanding her Facebook presence. Partnering with Zynga, Gaga will launch her own version of Zynga’s Facebook game FarmVilleGagaVille. GagaVille will be (virtually) neighboring FarmVille; its visitors can listen to songs from Gaga’s yet unreleased album and download the album for free after a $25 Zynga game card purchase at Best Buy. Zynga players can also get limited edition Lady Gaga items on RewardVille, Zynga’s virtual currency program.

In addition to her version of FarmVille, Zynga and Gaga are launching “Words With Gaga,” a contest within Zynga’s Words With Friends game. Players using the Gaga word of the day can win Gaga concert tickets and a signed copy of her new album. Gaga is announcing the word of the day via her Facebook page.