The Color of the Season: Green

Last month Castle worked with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to host the 9th Global Cleantech Meetup, bringing innovators, investors, startups, and government officials together to share and promote energy saving solutions across a number of industries. With green content comes green production. At registration we utilized biodegradable badge holders, an online check-in system, and pitchers of water rather than bottles. Signage was designed to last for future events and we recycled as many materials as possible at the close of the event. While many of these things may seem like insignificant details they ultimately make a big impact.

Inspired by this green event and the ubiquitous holiday décor, I’ve compiled a list of a few things I do to add meaning to the green during this festive time of year.

The Three R’s:


  • Use LED Holiday lights or even solar-powered LED lights. Putting your outdoor lights on a timer can also save energy and money.
  • Buy tickets to events and shows, or memberships to clubs or teams as opposed to simply buying more things. Make memories not waste!


  • Reuse wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes and bows. I come from a family who likes to open one gift at a time. As crazy as it sounds we actually reuse wrapping paper from the year before. If this concept is strange and foreign to the paper-ripping type out there then I encourage you to at least save the bow or recycle the box!
  • Cut up last year’s Holiday cards to decorate this year’s packages. Strictly Simply Style has many more ideas for your old holiday cards.


  • Print your Christmas cards on recycled materials.
  • Use natural decorations that can be composted or recycled. Here are just a few simple things you can make with cranberries:

FloatingCranberryCandleJar  christmas-berry-popcorn-decoration-lg

Have more green ideas for your holiday? Let us know!

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The Castle Group, Senior Manager, Creative Services & Marketing, Maria Ryan
Written By: Maria Ryan


Outdoors of the Castle Group office