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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of One Day

At Castle, we can create a special event out of anything—even spring cleaning! On the afternoon of Friday, June 6, Castle shut down its offices to conduct a thorough and much needed spring cleaning throughout our office and storage area. Here are some ideas on how to turn this monumental chore into a fun and…

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More Bang for the Bloom

With April showers upon us and Earth Day vibes in the air, it’s time to talk flowers. Though seemingly a renewable resource, flowers can be an expensive part of any event. An arrangement’s price must account for the plants’ growth, harvest, transport, organization, arrangement and delivery to your venue. At the end of the night…

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The Color of the Season: Green

Last month Castle worked with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to host the 9th Global Cleantech Meetup, bringing innovators, investors, startups, and government officials together to share and promote energy saving solutions across a number of industries. With green content comes green production. At registration we utilized biodegradable badge holders, an online check-in system, and…

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Recycling Tips for Beginners

One of my side projects as an intern this past week has been to mock-up a few infographics for a potential case study idea. While browsing through the sea of infographics on the web, I came across this post on GOOD, laying out why American’s don’t recycle. It was such a successful infographic it inspired me to write this post on recycling, despite the fact that earth day is months away! 

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