Why you should remove your Twitter feed from LinkedIn (I beg of you)

It’s great that you loved your lunch at that new restaurant. And I’m sorry that you’re upset over the Pats (who isn’t?).

And I’m happy to hear about those things – just not on LinkedIn.

Lately when I’m on LinkedIn, I am inevitably greeted with an endless series of tweets by the same four or five people.

I like these people, a lot. But I don’t want to see this information from them on LinkedIn.  Just as people unfollow others who “hog the feed” on Twitter, the effect is even more pronounced on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn and Twitter are two distinct platforms and they shouldn’t be treated the same way.  See the reference to “adding a new dimension to professional conversation” in the original announcement

As with all channel management, the content and approach should vary. Just because LinkedIn offers the option of linking in your Twitter feed doesn’t mean you should do it. (Chris Brogan agrees so, hey, I must be on to something!   

Here’s what I’m looking for on LinkedIn:

  • Interesting professional content shared by contacts and colleagues
  • The latest on contacts’ professional news
  • Relevant industry information from the groups I belong to 

If you tweet only in those three “buckets,” then, sure, link away.  But if, like most people, you are tweeting about a wide variety of topics, please keep it out of LinkedIn.

Do you agree or disagree? What are you looking for on LinkedIn?

The Castle Group, Managing Director, Hilary Allard
Written By: Hilary Allard


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