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What we are thankful for this year…

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Castle asked our team what they are thankful for this year.

We are thankful for:

  • Our fabulous clients
  • Our rock star team members
  • The vibrant Boston business community
  • Our 43 Public Relations Global Network affiliates around the world
  • The phenomenal nonprofits we support who do so much good for so many in need
  • The rise of social media, which helps us get the word out about our clients
  • Those who are currently serving our country in the US and overseas
  • The ability to cook a turkey and enjoy traditional (and highly anticipated!) family dishes
  • Our beautiful city with amazing public spaces like the Commons, the Greenway and the Harbor Walk that we call home
  • Client holiday parties, which help us get in the spirit through planning
  • The health of our family and friends
  • The support of our family and friends
  • Being able to do what we love for a living
  • A company that supports and celebrates creativity and collaboration
  • Team members who are smart, dedicated and caring

May all of your Thanksgiving holidays be filled with the company of caring family members and friends, and with many more blessings for the year to come!

The Castle Group, Principal/Founder, Wendy Spivak
Written By: Wendy Spivak


Outdoors of the Castle Group office