Snapchatting the Millennial Generation: Tips & Tricks

The wildly popular photo messaging app, Snapchat, has become a staple to the millennial virtual communication sphere. Over the years, Snapchat developed from a simple photo messaging service to a multifaceted platform for text, video, photo, news sharing and now, advertising. Snapchat does what other social networking outlets cannot accomplish: offering a snapshot of “instant expression” of what is happening in the present, in real-time. Users can send personal messages or share a “story” with their followers.

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Guest Blog: The Four Cs Already Becoming Pillars Back In 1997

With The Castle Group turning 20, I hear they have four fundamental Cs that are critical to the firm’s success – Creative, Client-centered, Communications and Connectivity. Well, I am happy to tell you that these 4 Cs, while not named as such, were already established components of the firm’s day-to-day operations and helped propel the agency to early success that has enabled it to reach its 20th birthday.

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The Importance of Mise en Place

I recently had a conversation with my husband who is a professional chef about the importance of mise en place. The French term meaning “put in place” refers to the disciplined organization of all ingredients and equipment prior to cooking. To a chef, the proper mise en place can make the difference between a flawlessly…

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