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What My Internship Taught Me About My Full-Time Job

The summer after my junior year of college I was fortunate enough to have a public relations internship at The Castle Group. My time those few months was eye-opening, educational and inspiring. For the first time, I saw what a PR agency was all about. I got to learn from some of the best in…

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Guest Blog: How The Castle Group Amplified My Career

Develop, heighten, strengthen; beyond defining the word amplify, they are all words that represent my time at The Castle Group. Let me explain.

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Discover the experience… Seriously

Previous internship experience is one of the great assets you can have when you begin job searching after graduation. It shows potential employers that you have hands-on experience in your field of study, that you are capable of being a member of a professional team, and that you have made an effort to get a feel for what a professional work environment is like before you enter the “real world.”  Fortunately, I attend a school, Endicott College, in Beverly, Mass, that stresses the importance of gaining experience in the field that you are majoring in during undergraduate years.

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From College to Knowledge: Finding Your Passion

After watching the Olympics, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. I felt inspired to finish school and enter the workforce with a sense of purpose. I felt inspired to make a difference. As I listened to athlete after athlete talk about their journey to London, all I could think about was finding my passion. Each athlete competes for reasons far beyond winning a gold medal. They compete for the love of the game, and this is where their passion comes from. Now you may not be an Olympian, but I’m betting there’s still something academic that spikes your interest.

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