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Media Training 101: A Conversation with Sandy Lish

I had the opportunity to sit down with The Castle Group’s Co-founder and Principal, Sandy Lish, to learn more about what media training is and why it’s an important part of the public relations industry. Amanda Albert: What is media training? Sandy Lish: It truly depends on who the client is and the situation at…

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An Event Planner Perspective: The Value of Company Retreats

At The Castle Group, not only do we plan meetings, incentives and retreats for our clients, we also practice what we preach and participate  in our own company retreat. A company retreat provides a unique opportunity to take your employees out of their everyday work setting and give them intentional time to get to know…

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Client Relationships: Keeping it Fresh

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold. This adage from my Girl Scout years has proven to be valuable advice in both my personal life and career as a corporate event producer.  Here at Castle, we are lucky to have customers that we’ve developed long standing relationships with…

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Nine Things to Think About Before Summer Kicks Off

Despite the crazy, decidedly non-Spring-like weather that until very recently occurred along most of the East Coast, we can finally feel it: summer IS coming. Summer–when people are away on vacation, July 4th shortens the week, there are fewer events and networking opportunities, some businesses have “slower” seasons (think: academia), and some are in high…

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Using Your Background to Your Benefit: How Previous Experience Can Make You a Better Event Planner

There is an incredible benefit to harnessing the skills gained from each professional experience. I have had the great opportunity to learn and grow through several jobs in the event planning industry. The insight I gained from these positions has helped me build a foundation that affords me a unique perspective as an event planner….

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