Turning Times Square into “Tim Square”

The rivalry between Boston and New York is legendary (and never-ending). One thing we do have in common is that we’re both tough towns with obsessive sports fans.  

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Kate’s Take on Corporate Team Building

”Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.”
– Unknown

We all know that a cohesive and bonded team in the workplace is critical to the success of any organization.  We all know that we need to motivate and inspire our people to achieve – and overachieve.  And we all know that sometimes, this can be difficult to accomplish.

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Building Blogger Trust Among CEOs

An article in one of our PR trades talked about a study citing business bloggers’ frustration in not having more CEO access. Some of the key issues were lack of appreciation, respect, and access, as well as excessive control by the communications staff.  

As we all know, there are two sides to every story.   

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Cupcake Wars: A taste of creativity, competition and team spirit

It was cupcake against cupcake at Castle’s café last night…. Competition, team spirit and creativity were all the rage as we took on our own version of the popular Food Network series Cupcake Wars in celebration of Castle’s 15th Anniversary. Teams of friends, colleagues and our neighbors from MK3 and Campus Entertainment went head to head to create an exciting cupcake recipe that would show off each team’s cooking skills, creative genius, and a few of Castles’ “secret ingredients,” and I’m excited to share the impressive – and quite delicious – results!

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To pin or not to pin, that is the question!

A couple of months ago, I was having dinner with two friends and they were discussing this new social media platform – Pinterest – and were encouraging me to join. My friends were very quick to pull out their phones, and show me all the things they had “pinned” over the past couple of days. In a mere 5 minutes, I learned how to make the perfect grilled cheese in conventional toaster oven, received a recipe to make delicious brownies, and found new ways to organize my closet! While I found this all very helpful, I said the last thing I need is to worry about another social media platform.

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