Kate’s Take on Corporate Team Building

By Kate McCaw

”Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.”
– Unknown

We all know that a cohesive and bonded team in the workplace is critical to the success of any organization.  We all know that we need to motivate and inspire our people to achieve – and overachieve.  And we all know that sometimes, this can be difficult to accomplish.

As companies continue to look for ways to create this unity among employees – this collective meeting of the minds – consider the importance of team building activities in the mix. Why is team building so important? Because strong teamwork is one of the building blocks of your company’s long-term viability and this strength needs to be nurtured, as it is unlikely to innately arise.

So whether you’re attempting to change a corporate culture, build a strong self-managed department that is focused on an important task(s), or simply trying to get your people to stop thinking of each other as competitors and start working together as a team, essential tools must be provided to assist in fast-tracking the path to creating those  teams. Fostering teamwork is creating a work culture that values collaboration.  Belonging to a team creates something larger than the individual and has a lot to do with the mission and goals of the organization.

Some of the most common benefits/results of team building are:

  • Employees get to know each other on a different level
  • Team building fosters creative thinking and innovation
  • The takeaway from a team building activity is long-lasting
  • Your organization can present its key messages in fun and interactive ways
  • Team building helps generate commitment to the organization
  • Teams feel empowered to take action
  • Teams assume responsibility and take ownership – the “we” becomes more important than the “I”
  • Lines of communication become more open
  • Teams can  produce; sometimes more and better work than individual contributors
  • Teams can network with each other and brainstorm –  they can use collective thought processes and offer different solutions than those they might have individually

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So, what are some of the next steps towards creating exceptional teams?

  • First, decide that this is an important step for your company to take and commit to it on all levels
  • Form teams to solve real issues and improve real work processes
  • Build consensus
  • Get creative.  Plan team building events.  Host happy hours, hit a ball game together, the options are limitless
  • Celebrate team successes publicly

Take a look at our events page and check out some of the team building events we have planned to help our clients achieve these goals.  There are numerous creative options that can get your employees excited and build that consensus you are looking for.  From Culinary Challenges to Crime Investigations and even Urban Olympics – there’s something for every group.

Or, let us customize a program for your organization that is specific to your individual needs – corporately or departmentally – and then watch how the culture grows, morale shifts and productivity increases.


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Written By: Kate McCaw


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