Social Media: What to Say, Where to Say it?

Want to create an engaging social media presence for your company? Intentionality and consistency across all social media platforms will help attract your target audience and meet your company’s ultimate goals.

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“Book of Mormon” –Turning a Joke into an Opportunity

Last night I attended the opening night performance of the “Book of Mormon” Boston run.  I am a total musical theater geek and have been so looking forward to attending this show. It’s sold out and it’s become impossible to score a ticket (and by the way, the show is everything it was cracked up to be, and more—LOVED IT!).  My 13-year-old son, who typically has no interest in a ticket to anything that doesn’t involve goals, runs or baskets, asked if he could come with me.  Please don’t judge me on my parenting—I knew there would some questionable and mature language and content, but didn’t realize that his vocabulary would be so inelegantly expanded.  We’ll get past that.

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