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Murphy’s 10th Law: Mother Nature is a Son-of-a-Gun

We know you don’t want to think about the “what if” scenario, but it is in everyone’s best interest and safety to do so. Accounting for the instability of weather is a key factor in executing a successful outcome.

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The Importance of Mise en Place

I recently had a conversation with my husband who is a professional chef about the importance of mise en place. The French term meaning “put in place” refers to the disciplined organization of all ingredients and equipment prior to cooking. To a chef, the proper mise en place can make the difference between a flawlessly…

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From College to Knowledge: Time Management and Organization

Everyone remembers that all-nighter back in college — that final exam you spent the preceding eight hours cramming for. But that final exam was planned. You knew when the date was, and were given sufficient time to prepare. Syllabi are a huge part of college. Each semester is laid out in its entirety, and you can plan for all your assignments accordingly. If you don’t complete an assignment on time, you can even ask for an extension. Yet after senior year, this bailout system ends and your deadlines will be hard and fast. For those who abused the system, their first job will be a wake up call.

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