Partnering for an Impact

To partner for an impact, it’s vital to identify the need of your community, collaborate effectively with your partner, and set goals along the way.

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Why Relationships Matter: 25 Years

Who knew that an account director/client relationship – one that grew as a result of a CEO who was chronically late for meetings – would result in an award-winning business celebrating its 25th anniversary? When we (Sandy, the account director, and Wendy, the marketing director with the always tardy boss) met, we were at inflection…

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Bill Fine

As we continue to celebrate 20 years in business, our own Sandy Lish sat down with the General Manager of WCVB, Bill Fine, to talk about his defining moments over the past 20 years, his incredible team, and how the station as a whole amplifies itself within the community.

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The Castle Collage

One of the most moving moments in our otherwise largely humorous, “Thing” competition came when Keri presented her fabric- and phrase-splotched megaphone.

Keri has been an integral part of our team for an amazing 17 YEARS—having led events for us around the world and around the corner. She has developed team members and client relationships and most of all, epitomizes Castle Culture. She is family.

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Inspiration in a Time of Tragedy

I, like most Bostonians, have spent the last couple of days trying to digest what happened at Monday’s Marathon and, I must admit, I am still coming to grips with the reality of the situation. The city that I know and love is forever changed and the sporting event that so many of us looked forward to each year will never be the same.

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Feel-Good Giving

The season for giving is upon us and all of your favorite retailers are just dying for you to come and ring their bell.  As usual, the first weekend of December brought me to a host of holiday gatherings filled with conversations about the hottest gifts and what is on everyone’s buying list. While most people were talking about iPad minis, my friend Crystal told me about her most intriguing gift purchase: a goat for her father. My obvious reaction was, “Crystal, you bought your dad a goat? I had no idea he had a farm!”  She laughed and explained that her father is a strong supporter of Save the Children and that instead of giving him yet another knickknack for the junk drawer, she purchased a goat in his name to be donated to a family in need. Charitable donations at the holidays are not a novel idea, but all kid-ding aside, when was the last time you thought of buying someone a farm animal for Christmas? 

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