Partnering for an Impact

To partner for an impact, it’s vital to identify the need of your community, collaborate effectively with your partner, and set goals along the way.

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Five Lessons an Education in Marketing Communications Taught Me About Creativity

We live in a world where anyone can pick up their phone and develop their own “brand” via Instagram or Tik Tok. What separates the masses from the outstanding few is marketability. Read five lessons learned by studying Marketing Communications.

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Making Space for Black Women in the Public Relations Field: Opinion by Castle intern Shelby Casimir

Black women shouldn’t be afraid to take up space and unapologetically operate in our zone of genius. I have been working in the public relations industry for some time now. I’ve learned a lot and am entering the professional world soon. This experience has been a liberating change in my career trajectory. It was the…

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Make your audience your ally

One of the first rules of effective communications is to know your audience. This is particularly important when crisis hits.

Consider this: all the prepared holding statements, Q&As, talking points, letters and response strategies in the world won’t help in times of crisis if you don’t have an understanding of how your audience views a particular issue in the first place. In fact, if you don’t have a general awareness of who your various stakeholders are and what they think, your communications efforts could take what is actually a minor issue and inadvertently turn it into a full blown crisis.

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