Spread the Word: Female Entrepreneurship Challenge

As an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be to start a business.  You have a great idea, are terrific at what you do…but that’s a long way from having everything you need to build a successful business.

As a female entrepreneur, I also know that we’re lucky to have dedicated resources and organizations like the Center for Women and Enterprise that know just how to address that challenge. Further, the business ecosystem has recognized the power of women’s businesses, and many business leaders and others are going above and beyond to fuel that power and drive additional success.

Castle client Care.com is one of those savvy businesses that understands what it takes to make it as a start-up.  CEO Sheila Marcelo has built an incredible international powerhouse that has at its core a focus on women’s ability to navigate the business world through the provision and acquisition of caregiving support services…and more.  With a drive to help other women succeed, Sheila and Care.com have partnered with Boston’s Magic 106.7 radio’s “Exceptional Women” platform to sponsor and support a women’s business planning competition that culminates this fall at the Center for Women and Enterprise Leadership Conference.

This is a unique opportunity for new business ventures to get capital, contacts, consulting support and more.  When we started Castle 17 years ago (this month—happy anniversary to us!), we’d have killed to access such a range of capabilities and resources.

Starting a business or know a fantastic woman who’s building her own? Spread the word—the time to apply is running out…