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Alex Fries

Chief of Staff, Public Relations
Alex Fries outside of The Castle Group offices in Boston, MA

I like to solve problems. I take a step back, see the whole board and then decisively leverage resources, the strengths of team members and partners to achieve maximum results. I have a passion for people and projects that dare to be different and the steadfast belief that a group of dedicated people can make a real difference in this crazy world.  I love what I do. Coming to that realization was a journey I lovingly refer to as my adventure. I’m a born New Englander, but grew up just outside of Cologne, Germany, and didn’t find my way back until I decided to blaze my own trail. 

For about a decade before joining Castle, I focused on communications and public policy-focused work at the intersection of the public sector, private sector, and politics. I got my start developing messaging for grassroot campaigns, crafting engaging print and digital content, and organizing everything from small coffee meetings to large-scale presidential campaign town halls to fundraisers. I had the honor and privilege of spending six years helping the Governor of New Hampshire navigate high-profile crises and historic challenges. I spearheaded content and messaging, liaised with eleven executive agencies, and acted as an architect for key priorities across my international and domestic policy portfolio. Whether it is affordable housing, tax policy, conservation and recreation, offshore wind, transportation, or healthcare – I have worked on many different issues. I was the governor’s economic policy advisor when the COVID-19 pandemic brought many unprecedented moments in an unprecedented time for all ofus. My portfolio transitioned to leading media relations and communications operations, spearheading legislative, regulatory, and external affairs strategies, and co-designing some of the state’s largest relief programs. It’s hard for me to imagine ever being prouder professionally than hearing from small business owners that our work helped save their livelihoods. 

I like to wear a lot of hats. Somewhere along the way of working on the state’s COVID-19 relief operations, I was appointed by the governor as the inaugural Chief of Staff for the state’s economic and tourism development agency, the Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA). We stood up a historic investment in affordable housing in a matter of weeks (and secured $50M more in state funds in the budget), led the nation thanks to our creative ways to bring broadband to communities that have never had a real connection before, and helped business owners navigate the complex regulatory and permitting landscape. A personal highlight of mine will always be being a part of the thought leadership group that finds new and engaging ways to show the beauty of the Granite State’s great outdoors. 

I have a passion for messaging that threads the needle, and like to support candidates and causes that want to make the world a better place. Outside of work, you can find my wife Alicia and I in the mountains skiing in the winter, relaxing by the water in Winthrop, where we live, in the summer, and adventuring around wherever our very long travel list takes us in between. I enjoy watching pro cycling – yes, that means the Tour De France – and have a lifelong obsession with Formula 1… long before I called TB12 the GOAT, there was Michael Schumacher.  

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