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From College to Knowledge: Creativity

I’m sure you’ve heard the epithet “when you’re interested you’re interesting.” Everyone has the ability to be creative, but the key is finding something that you’re passionate about and applying your creativity to that. In school, students are given the opportunity to think outside the box, test out new subjects and determine what piques their curiosity. Through trial and error, we’re able to hone in on what motivates us. In school, each student wants to do better than the one sitting next to them. The competition to display creativity and innovation is an ongoing one, with the majority of school work calling for creativity on an individual level.

In contrast, creativity in the professional world is about adaptability. If you can come up with unique solutions, you can typically be more proactive and achieve better results. This ingenuity is used for the good of the team, not the individual. As an agency, Castle channels shared creativity every day. From comprehensive social media campaigns to strategically worded award nominations, clients are consistently looking for original solutions to their unique challenges. But you have to understand when to take a step back and focus on the client’s needs rather than your own innovative contributions. In the end, creativity is about looking at a common question and providing a one-of-a-kind solution.